Polaroid SX-70 Re-Skin

Polaroid SX-70 is an iconic camera and first instant SLR ever made. It’s also one of the most beautiful cameras ever made, with a folding body in silver, white or black variations, with leather trim. This is a camera with a storied history that still makes great photos today. Ideal for experienced instant photographers who want to improve their skills.

And then, there is a set-back. This camera, which by now was over 40 years old, had started to fall apart. More specifically, the leather skin on the body started to crumble. It quickly got worse and to the point where you could simply scrape it off with your fingernail.

Hence, I started my Polaroid SX-70 Re-Skin project. Here’s the steps I took and tools I used to remove the dilapidated leather. At first, the process was messy and time consuming. After that, the repeat process was done pretty smooth. Once all the old leather was removed, I got the lighter fluid and cotton pads out and started the process of cleaning.

Actually putting on the new leather was not so intimidating. At this time, I am creating a GOLD series cameras to showcase in the ROUTE IN designer collection. I chosen embroidery leather and tiles in gold colour to cut out the exact size for each section of the camera. I brushed alcohol on each piece before applying in allowing some time to get the sticker straight before it really adhered to the camera. And then, like magic, a freshly covered camera!

Most instant photographers know that when they are out shooting someone will inevitably ask about their camera. Now you can give that conversation a personal touch with these Gold Series Limited Edition embroidery and tiles SX-70 coverings. The Gold Series Collection are available at ROUTE IN (http://routein.com/product-category/features/gold-camera/).