About Me

Some may call it fate or destiny, but I am a firm believer in choices. What one ends up with is a result of the choices that one makes along the way. Of course, it is important for one to make the right choices. This is how we sees life.

Introduce Myself

I am a Technocrat. My range of expertise spans are eBiz Consulting, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Digital Forensic Investigation, OSS Development, Web Design & Solution, Cyber Competitive Intelligence, Online Strategy Planning, Photography and Antique Appraisal. My latest research and development are related to Crowd Funding, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Mixed Reality, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

This site grew out of a journey of discovery – one that has been exciting and sometimes exhausting, but always enlightening and worth that effort. I don’t like sterile, politically correct writing. I like writing that stimulates ideas and new thinking. Come as you are. I’m just folks here. I’m not concerned with typos or grammar errors. It’s just a human speaking. It comes from a real person.

“I write just to discover, the insight about myself.”

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