RentMarket is the leading shared economy platform for booking spaces. It’s a pretty simple idea – list, discover and book great spaces when and where you need them, by the hour or day.


We’re on a mission to help everyone reimagine spaces. To help you find a space that’s perfect for your personal style or business needs.


Our platform gives everyone access to the many great spaces that surround us, which is more efficient for each of us as individuals, for families, for companies, for friends and good for the planet, too.


On one side the platform enables people to list their available space and earn extra income in the form of rent. On the other side it provides guests easy access to renting any private spaces.



RentMarket motto is to cater a perfect place for your every need – Live, Work, Party.


RentMarket’s goal is to change the world of renting for better, affordable and convenience options for living, working and entertainment space. Through facilitating access to distinctive spaces and local culture, RentMarket aims to enable guests to easy access to any available spaces by building connections with local hosts, gaining access to distinctive spaces and culture of their destinations.

RentMarket operates as a transaction facilitator between owners and tenants who are looking for suitable space at an affordable and convenience option. By providing rating and review system, and later for the host protection insurance, the platform builds trust within the community of users and lowers transaction costs. Profiles and user reviews help to create reputation and trust among participants of the marketplace.




Our Value Proposition includes: Enables owners to list their space on the platform and earn rental money; Provide affordable and convenience options to rent space for different purpose; Facilitates the process of listing for hosts and booking spaces for guests; and rating and review system for hosts and guests.

RentMarket is a totally new concept which leverages the momentum of the growing sharing economy. We are creating a new market, where residential and commercial places are daily ‘recycled’ into usable and affordable space for everyone.




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RentMarket is the first marketplace that offered Living, Working, and Leisure space all-in-one platform. We want to be the market leader and build the most complete global space-renting platform on the Internet.

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