Biz Project 0002: The Get-To-Marry App

Title: The Get-To-Marry App

Biz Progress: Draft (Concept Stage)

Status: Open for ☑️ Discussion, ☑️ Collaboration, ☑️ Partnership



  • There are tons of dating apps on the market, basically people are looking for casual dating, friends with benefits, long-term relationships, or even hook-ups there. But if you’re looking for something serious, like marriage, market (especially in Malaysia) is lack of such app special cater for this purpose.

  • People are wasting too much time on speed dating, singles event, blind dates set up by family/friends, browsing profiles on dating sites/apps identifying marriage minded people. They even try everything – matchmakers, dating coaches, therapy, personal growth programs, meditation & yoga. Positive thinking and law of attraction work. Until one day, you’re so frustrated and stopped dating altogether.



  • The median age at first marriage is now 29 for women and 30 for men – up from 22 for women and 24 for men in 1980.

  • The trend for meeting future husband or wife online keeps growing and growing, and the numbers are staggering.

  • A recent study conducted by Harvard and Chicago Universities concluded that marriages which begin online are on average more satisfying and less likely to end in divorce.



Everyone needs and deserve to find the one special person with whom they can build a rich, exciting, deeply satisfying life together.

Busy individual needs an express way to connect with marriage minded people and discover the right one for them. They need an app that can allow them to experience the quick and effortless in meeting and marrying their extraordinary lifetime love.

Introducing The Get-t0-Marry, a partnership service app designed and dedicated to help Malaysian (Global) singles looking for long-term commitment – Marriage.

The app with a wealth of marriage-minded singles are here for the same reason and waiting to be matched, single individual can rest assured that the app taking the search for the love of their life as seriously as they are.


The app should be employed with AI for intelligent matchmaking delivers compatible partner suggestions in line with user personal search preferences. AI can assist in verify all new profiles to ensure users have a smooth, safe, and enjoyable environment in which to meet other like-minded singles.

The app can even provide strategy and method that put the user on the fast track to identify and marry the perfect match in a short period of time.

Upon couple successfully tying the knot, wedding planning management service can be provided together by partner wedding planner company.


Market Potential (Statistics):

  • Based on the statistic, the number of marriages decreased from 200,274 in 2016 to 190,532 last year, which also reflected in the nation’s Crude Marriage Rate (CMR).

  • The CMR per 1,000 population declined from 6.3 percent (2016) to 5.9 percent (2017).
    (CMR is the figures of marriages occurred among the population of a given geographical area during a given year, per 1,000 mid-year population of the given geographical area during the same year.)
    Conclusion: fewer couples getting married, but the divorced rate is still high.

  • Male Malaysian will outnumber female by 1.1 million and counting. Based on the statistic of male population stands at 16.7 million, while female population is at 15.6 million. (Meaning more than 1.1 million Malaysia men doomed to remain single!)

  • Based on the Malaysian Population and Family Survey, no suitor (the ability to find the right person) is the main reason many why Malaysian are single, followed by financial problems and focusing on career advancement.


My Point of View:

There is a shift of priorities among Malaysian younger generation. Rather than focusing on getting married first, they would prefer to focus on achieving financial and career stability.

Younger Malaysian are very independent and competitive nowadays. Some can be too choosy as they become more capable. They would rather be single than be with a man who is financially and intellectually incompatible. Nothing wrong being single than to be with someone who isn’t compatible.

The increase in single individual in Malaysia and moving away from conservative Asian traditions. But Asian people (especially women) tend to feel less secure when they become older and not necessarily marry the person they want, but marry because they have to and this has led to many divorces.



  • The demographic data of the users (gender, age, location, profession, level of education, interest, preference, etc) can be very useful and valuable resource for big data.


Let me know if you are interested to know more insight information such as:

  • How to build the marriage app fast and easy method

  • How to make this app meets user expectations

  • How to monetize the app with different business models

  • What advanced technologies to include in the app to catch traction & be different!

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