Repurposed Project – Vintage Suitcase Table

Before & After : A Vintage Suitcase Table. One day, out of sudden when I staring at my vintage suitcase, wondering what it can be transform to served a purpose for reused, then I decided to give it a new life and began the repurposed project.

Let’s talk about the suitcase. I found it while I travel oversea on the side streets of neighbourhood, all lonely and dejected, sitting on the rough floor, awaiting someone with vision who could see all it’s potential. Without much hesitation, I packed it up back home with few dollars.

I need to start off with thinking the colour combinations of the setting. It has to be sharp that can make the table stand out. Finally I got the colour combinations inspired by the three little soft pillow.

Next, I need to hunt for a suitable legs. It is not a large suitcase, just the right size, medium. It needed legs that matched his style and size. I found an old Ikea laptop table that base and height just seem perfect for it.

I will just need to remove the top part and let the legs alone. Unscrew and knocking works.

This is about what you need. Paint sprays, masking tapes, cover sheet, glove. So let the hacking begin!

After giving it a thorough cleaning, I start off by taped off the middle part for another colours. I chose blue as the primary base. After painting with few coats (rounds of spray & dry layers). Then untaped the middle part (taped off the painted side) and start painting white & yellow.

To make it more contrast, I applied a shinny masking tape at the border of each different colour, so that it will distinguish the colouring.

Initially I think the combination of blue and red seems not bad. But last I stick to my original plan to make it 3 colour layers.

Next, is to paint the legs to two separate colour, blue and white. Last, is to fit the leg to the suitcase. I drilled holes on the middle so that the base & the legs can support the suitcase evenly.

Without any further explanation, let me introduce the upcycled repurposed vintage suitcase table!

A unique vintage suitcase creation made by myself. Height adjustable, tillable and so birdlike. It is well suited to sits in the entrance way, hallway or even living room. Decor with a small vase or a picture stand. It can allow you to put your magazine or laptop.

It also have storage that allow you to keep your old magazine, remote controller or stored and use your laptop there!

Sometimes I use it to showcase my collection or products for photo shooting or just as an eye-catching decoration.

This is my very first repurposed project. It’s not perfect and tons of area to improve. I think there are more to come in my future. It was so fun. Stay tuned~!