Corporate Family

Starting a business is never an easy task, especially when your company went from a startup of around 5 employees to over 20 employees. Scaling fast wasn’t difficult, but with a steep growth curve required an even steeper learning curve.

Many employees are attracted to startups at the very beginning, when the company seems to be bursting with the energy of possibility. Potential hires are drawn to the inspiring story and strong leadership. But as the business grows, I need to continue the excitement for employees both new and old. Keeping employees psyched becomes difficult as they confront the realities of a maturing business. There is constant change and constant pressure to maintain growth. I want to keep the same enthusiasm that defined my original employees.



Every person has different motivations. Some people don’t actually need much managing. You tell them what to do and they do it – or they find things that need to be done and do them. Others need total micromanagement. If you manage every person the same way, you might end up with a bunch of unhappy people.

I always prepare them to go on a journey, not simply kick them in the right direction. Guiding them along the way by providing them with the necessary preparation in the form of tools, advice and example. These strategies result in the trust and loyalty of the teams.

As a leader, I understand that I am giving cues to my team constantly. I demonstrate how to respond to issues, how to treat customers and how to respect co-workers. Self-awareness is key.

Know that every project is a reflection of me and my team. To create the best product, I always learn my team’s strengths and weakness. And also make sure I can effectively complete the project if needed.

Communication skills are the most important trait to be a good leader. Whether communicating values, goals, project guidelines, expectations, deadlines or feedback, it all comes down to being able to verbalize your thoughts to inspire and empower your team to perform better.

I sincerely wish them well and hope they attain all the success they deserve.