Professional Antiques Appraiser

I am an antiques and vintage lover. For years I’ve rummaged around antiques shops, I’ve also became a fan of ‘The Pickers’, ‘Pawn Stars’, ‘King of Restoration’, ‘Antiques Roadshow’, ‘Storage War’ and even ‘Oddities’, and I always wonder “How these people became appraiser?” Each of them has their own area of expertise and basically are “the best” in their field.

Then I start to study and research about it, and I found it is definitely possible. I even found it is like working in real estate like one of my friend do. Like what he told me, the first five years can be awfully scary. What it takes is devotion and a lifetime of study.” I also do find some similarity with one of my expert area – Forensic Investigation. Both also requires a lot of study, research, inspection, and background work.

Hence, I started to learn through the buying, selling, cleaning, handling, repairing and even just basic cuddling of the items. I also developed my own library, as the large numbers of reproductions complicate the antique world. In order to become an appraiser, continuing education and reading books are very important.

With a goal of becoming an antique appraiser, I started by developing a deep appreciation of antiques and knowledge of how to determine genuine items from reproductions.



The Professional Course and Certification

After obtaining all the essential knowledge that I should, I decided to go for professional course and become a certified antiques appraiser internationally. I choosen Asheford Institute of Antiques program, which are the “Certified Appraisers Foundation” (CAF) and also allowed me to study remotely.


The Asheford Program is an internationally recognized, professional-level “Profit & Pleasure” Course on the study of antiques, collectibles and appraising. Created in 1966, by school founder Peter C. Green, the Program have students worldwide since its inception. With its emphasis on excellence in learning, training and innovative approaches to teaching, it has become recognized as one of the premiere schools in the development of distance-learning education that is geared specifically towards successful entrepreneurship in the field of antiques, collectibles, and professional-level appraising.

The education curriculum on antiques and collectibles was designed to offer students of the Institute the chance to expand their knowledge and vocational base into the field of “decorative arts appraising,” through a set of principles, theories and methodologies, that would later become known as The Professional Appraiser Code of Conduct (PACC).

The incorporation of the CAF within the Asheford Program, allowed the Institute to foster and develop a new set of academic standards and principles for those interested in becoming certified professional-level appraisers.


Becoming a Professional Certified Appraiser

The course plan stated that the amount of time it takes to complete the course ranges from 8 months to 2 years. I was committed to studying and completing the course by the end of the year. After studying how history and the progress of people and industry are intertwined with the ever-changing styles and periods of furniture; how cultures evolved and new items came into being; how to care and restore antiques; different types of business structures within the antiques community; buying & selling antiques; and the appraisal process, I am happy to say that I have completed the course! I made A’s on all of my 6 exams and submitted my final essay. I receive my official diploma and PACC (The Professional Appraiser Code of Conduct) certification. I have also committed to taking an additional 15 hour course to receive my USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) certification, once I have received my diploma. I also awarded to became a competent antiques appraiser for US, English and Canada.


An antique appraiser don’t just give clients an estimate of how much an item is worth. They prepare documentation that the client can use to arrange appropriate insurance coverage for their antiques collection. The appraisal documents can also be used to show to a potential buyer if the owner is interested in selling part or all of his or her collection and used as part of the price negotiation process. They may also be called in to provide evaluations for estate valuation or gift tax calculation purposes.

The quality of your appraisal work depends on your comprehension of the antiques appraised and your ability to convey your results to paper. If you have difficulty writing or do not know your area of expertise well, your results may not please your clients. Antiques appraisers must do more than name a price; they must find comparable sales to support and justify the attributed values.


My Plans on Antiques & Commerce Art

My hope is that with the study, training and credentials I have obtained, I can add the same level of expertise to future clients of ROUTE IN ( An antiques and vintage collectible store that I founded. As an antiques enthusiast and anthropologist of commerce art, I became a collector. I’m not collecting just to collect; I have very specific themes that give me direction on what to seek out. I want to understand the lore and legacy of the collectible itself. Every piece has a story that enriches the collecting experience.

Most of the art pieces were designed or engineered by myself. Others are passionately hunts and scours for beautiful and unique collections all around the world. With discerning taste and eye for good value, I always keep picking. Producing my own label is something I aiming towards.

With the professional education and certification, it is my goal to help people feel confident that I am capable of helping them and accessing the true value of their cherished possessions.

One of the event we participated at Publika, Solaris.


In the coming future, I will allocation more time on this business. I will try to set up activities like free informal appraisal, restoration or art workshop, auction show, art exhibition, etc.

I am also seeking collaboration with art / interior designer, artist, purchaser, DIY maker, any art & antiques/vintage lovers or you simply fancy into cameras, pipe smoking, upcycled, repurposed, rustic-modern, steampunk, chic and retro inspiration people to join me for partnership collaboration to organize artist consignment, workshop, antique marketplace, ID vintage design, vintage fashion, trading, prop service, sponsorship, and more! More details, kindly visit