Hobby developed into Business

I used to spend free time on my hobby. Then I released that, by pursuing the hobby, I am able to monetize and turn it into a side business. I believe that when you enjoy what you do and are good at it, chances are, you can make money from it.

As an antiques enthusiast and anthropologist of commerce art, I became a collector. I’m not collecting just to collect; I have very specific themes that give me direction on what to seek out. I want to understand the lore and legacy of the collectible itself. Every piece has a story that enriches the collecting experience.



As a result, I founded an antiques and vintage collectibles store – RouteIn. Most of the art pieces were designed or engineered by myself. Others are passionately hunts and scours for beautiful and unique collections all around the world. With discerning taste and eye for good value, I always keep picking. Producing my own label is something I aiming towards.

At the same year, I put on effort to studied and obtained an university diploma certificate specialized in Antiques and Appraisal Studies and became a Certified Professional Member of Antiques Institute as a Competent Antiques Appraiser for US, England and Canada.



I’ve got dreams worth more than my sleep. The struggle I’m in today is developing the strength I need for tomorrow. No matter how I feel… I will Get up. Dress Up. Show Up. And Never Give Up!

When everyone enjoying or resting on holiday and weekend, I strive hard on expending my ‘unusual’ business. I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. First you LEARN then you remove the “L“.



“If someone tells you it can’t be done. Smile & graciously agree. Then go work twice as hard to prove them wrong twice as fast.”