Antiques & Me

I am an anthropologists of commerce art, especially in vintage and antiques. I’ve always curious about people and what they want, make, exchange and consume. By looking around from the pass, at the stuff that matters to my live, I believe I can understand more about what moves us as human beings.

My favourite finds are often antiques pieces with a history. I love older things that people have used and cherished. They have personality, character, and soul. 



Around the world, there’s a new clamoring to know the story behind what I buy — who made it, how, what Route did it travel In my door?

My admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural.

Therefore I founded a store filled with Vintage Inspirations, Zakka Handcraft, Antique Collectibles, Trendy Gadgets, DIY Handwork, Designer Art and Funky Accessories. It called Route Do check it out!


  (old look)


Most of the art pieces were designed or engineered by myself. Others are passionately hunts and scours for beautiful and unique collections all around the world. With discerning taste and eye for good value, I always keep picking. Producing my own label is something I aiming towards.

Looking for antiques is what I loved. Whenever I travel to a country, I go to flea markets, antique stores. I am always looking for something worth to bring home.



Antique things have an appreciation and worth. Something can be old, but it can be timeless; therefore, it becomes an antique. if this antique is preserved and deemed precious, it could be passed down as a family heirloom.