Photography & Me

I ventured into my passion for photography years ago. Born and bred in the modern city of KL, I am enthusiastic my natural sense of appreciating picturesque scenes.
Humble and humorous by nature and sharp-eyed by character, I first started my infatuation by capturing every life’s moments around my working life, friends and nature – purely as an expensive but satisfying hobby!



Along my work and travel’s life around countries, i continued to indulge and my fascination grew into capturing the movements of city people and lifestyle; enjoying on portraiture and black and white picture. As I worked alongside professionals in the city.
Impressed with professional photographer capability, my passion then developed into love for the art – and now it has gone deep!



I created a group, where me and my enthusiastic photographer friends that pursue photography with passion. We love taking photos and share. We do theme projects for fun and always think out-of-the-box. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we’re about to present an entire library of ideas there.