MaGIC Stanford Go2Market Program

Received offer from MaGIC that I have been selected for the Stanford Go2Market Program. The intensive, six-day certificate program gathered startups from ASEAN to share knowledge and experience together with Stanford Graduate School of Business Professors and Silicon Valley Experts.

Stanford Go2Market is designed for entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, engineers and researchers with business ideas who are currently developing their strategies and plans. This program is appropriate for both entrepreneurs, who are starting a new venture, and intraprenuers, who are leading a project in a larger organization. The program forces the participants to examine their business ideas from all angles and helps them see the strengths and weaknesses of their plans.

The program will draw on the same world-class business faculty who teach in Stanford’s MBA Program, which is infused with the culture and practice of innovation that pervades Stanford University and Silicon Valley. Perhaps the name Stanford itself does not need further introduction, and the MBA program was ranked 2nd in United States for the Best Business Schools, and was first in 2015.

Leading Malaysia executives, entrepreneurs, and investors will act as guest speakers and panelists, and provide practical feedback on business plans. Participants are selected for the program based on the high potential for success of both the individual and their idea. The business idea should be developed enough to be ready for launch within next year. Third-party validation such as patents, awards, or commitments from investors or customers will strengthen the application. Participants must have an undergraduate degree. All instruction is conducted in English, requiring participants to be proficient in English. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate from Stanford GSB.

The pre-accelerator programme will run every day from 8AM to 10PM. This is due to the time difference between Malaysia and the US. Some classes notable classes planned in the agenda as below:

• Business Strategy and Model

• Customer Value Proposition

• Financial Ratios and Statement Analysis

• Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Customer Profitability Analysis

At the end of the program, startups will be given the opportunity to pitch to seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, which opens up your business idea to both media attention, and potential investment.

Part of the experience of the course depends heavily on the students you work with. I was lucky that my four team members were everything I could have wanted: smart, freethinking, and committed. (Thanks, guys!)

Most important of all, I am very glad that I build a great camaraderie with all the other participants. Today, we still keep in touch and continue to encourage each other in this entrepreneurial journey.

“Launch fast, repeatedly test your idea in the market, and adapt, adapt, adapt,” is the Stanford mantra.