ANGUSKY LiveCD is an operating system (usually containing other software as well) stored on a bootable CD-ROM that can be executed from it, without installation on a hard drive. The system returns to its previous OS when the LiveCD is ejected and the computer is rebooted. It does this by placing the files which typically would be stored on a hard drive, onto a ram disk.

The way I developed ANGUSKY as a bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software with excellent hardware auto-detection. Its hands-free booting, enormous selection of software, its on-the-fly decompression technique and the ability to install it on a hard disk have turned Angusky into an indispensable tool. By using the on-the-fly decompression technology, this universal “run-from-CD” Linux distribution can have up to 2 GB of executable software installed on it.

The best way impress a non-Linux user is to show them what Linux is all about and the faster and least intrusive way to do that is via a LiveCD. The new Linux user also can take advantage of these tools by virtue of this bootable Linux distribution because it won’t require to install Linux and will maintain the existing PC that may already have an operating system on it. Also, in many instances having a portable operating system is the key to solving your problems.

The functionality of LiveCD can be used to perform numerous of tasks included:

Development Tool

Support programming languages: C, C++, Perl, php, Python, Ruby, Tcl/Tk and nasm. It also controls the concurrent editing of source files with CVS.

Learning Tool

For new users which try to learn Linux without the worry of keep re-install the system. And also for academic used as a teaching method or lab testing purpose.

Portable Tool

For user that doesn’t want to install Linux on their hard disk. And prefer to keep their setting anywhere they go.

Kiosk Tool

For product demonstrations or closed systems that only run one applications.

Marketing Tool

Configure your personalize software and environment, create a CD that represent your company and send it to customers.

Office Tool

Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation software, Database. Web Browser, Email client, Graphic Editor or Project Management.

Entertainment Tool

Music player, CD/DVD player, Games, etc.


Angusky is a Malaysia edition of the well-known Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution.